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If you are experiencing a situation where you are in need of a bail bondsman, don’t hesitate to call us. We understand the in’s and out’s of the legal system and our team is prepared to help your loved ones obtain release, through bail bonds promptly and efficiently.

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At Raleigh Bail Bonds, we understand that every situation is different. For us, this means we never treat two cases alike. We don’t provide you with scripted answers. Rather, we offer free personalized consultations, and we help you find the legal information you need, as fast as possible.

It can be difficult to understand the details of the process, especially during times of distress. As respected Raleigh bond agents, we'll break it all down to its simplest forms and guide you through each and every step.

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At Raleigh Bail Bonds, we understand how incredibly important it is to do business with a licensed bondsman. Our agents are Raleigh's most respected, licensed professionals. Click here to learn more about our Raleigh bail bonds team!

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We understand that knowledge is power and, as such, we want to keep you as informed throughout the bail process as possible. Click here to view all of our helpful legal resources.

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Very Professional

Very professional, very helpful. Thank you so much!

Carri D.


Muy Complacida

Muy complacida la atencion es muy rapida muy eficiente y son muy amables si los recomendaría

Aurora L.

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Serving most Raleigh area jails and accepting most forms of payment, we offer a 24 hour, real-time response. Next time you are in need of bail, call Raleigh Bail Bonds.

CALL: 919-324-2960
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